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Here, you are not a student with a learning disability. You are a student with abilities. And through our holistic curriculum of academic services, retention resources and career readiness — you’ll discover where your abilities will take you.

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Founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1922, Notre Dame College is a vibrant and diverse institution led by Catholic tradition and principles. Students benefit from a liberal arts education that equips them with the personal and professional skills to chase their passions and change the world.

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majors in five academic divisions

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NCAA Division II sports

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foreign countries are represented

Enduring Commitment

Notre Dame College is committed to supporting the Thrive Learning Center and our students. With Thrive’s support, Notre Dame College is able to welcome and advocate for students whose learning disabilities may not be recognized by other institutions. Thrive is an essential resource for the continued education of students who had IEPs and 504 plans in high school.


Recognized Results

Most Thrive students graduate within 4.5 years and transition into a career within their chosen field. Thrive has also been applauded by Milestones (a leading organization on autism and Asperger’s), the International Dyslexia Association and the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America.

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