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Ready, Set, Go!

You answered mostly A’s

You’re a student who knows how they learn best and approaches many things with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. You know you benefit from the one-on-one interaction students receive in small classrooms and want to have this same interaction in college. From being fired up about living on campus and all the clubs and activities you can take part in, to knowing the major, minor(s) and maybe even the future classes you want to take already – you’re READY for college!

You might think you have it all figured out, but hold on hot shot! Even if this isn’t your first college experience, NDC’s counselors and Career Services Center staff are here to help you develop a course path and career action plan that puts you in charge of your future from your first day on campus.

NDC will also help get you involved in the volunteering and service opportunities that are the right match for you. Plus, if you’re interested in studying abroad – we’re here to discuss the programs available! You’ll have access to professors and build meaningful relationships that will enhance your classroom experience and time at Notre Dame College. If you’re worried about the cost of tuition, our Admissions office is prepared to discuss all tuition assistance options, scholarships and more.

And after college? NDC provides students with the tools to succeed beyond the classroom – from Individual advising, career coaching, job material critiques, and more, students leave Notre Dame college prepared for their future careers.

Don’t have all the answers? We’re here to help!

You answered mostly B’s

You definitely don’t have all the answers, but no one does at the beginning of their college journey! You might not be sure about what you need to have a successful college experience, but you know you’re open to all of the possibilities that college life brings. From being unsure about the volunteer and service opportunities that are best to not knowing what to expect from professors, no worries if all the details aren’t clear yet – that’s why we’re here! You could be a great fit for NDC’s flexible campus.

Even if you’re still narrowing down what you want to study, the individual advising and coaching provided by our counselors and Career Services Center staff will ensure you find a path that you’re excited about and a course load that you’re comfortable with. Our small class sizes provide a 16:1 student-faculty ratio which makes one-on-one interaction and learning possible, which directly benefits our students by building valuable relationships that help guide their success during their time at NDC. There is also a wide variety of social, academic, recreational, and communication clubs and organizations to choose from on NDC’s campus – even if you’re not sure what you’ll be interested in, there is plenty to explore!

We understand that there a lot of “maybes” right now – Maybe you’ll live on campus, or maybe you’ll commute. Maybe you’re eligible for scholarships and tuition assistance, maybe not. Maybe you’ll even study abroad. It’s okay to not know the answers yet – we’re here to discuss and help discover how you fit at Notre Dame College.

We’ll help you piece together your puzzle.

You answered mostly C’s

Maybe you’re used to just being a number, not used to asking for help, or don’t know if your future professors are actually going to care about your success – it’s okay to have doubts about your needs and the benefits of different programs, or not know what to expect from the college you’re exploring. Even if you have NO IDEA what degree program you want to study, NDC is here to answer your questions and help you get started!

Think you won’t be interested in the clubs on campus? The wide variety of clubs and organizations at NDC mean you might find an unexpected offering that you’re interested in or want to explore – so keep an open mind! The same goes for considering study abroad programs – don’t rule them out just yet! Discuss all of your options with our experienced counselors. You might you *think* you have tuition covered, or are not really sure how you’ll cover the costs. In addition to helping match you with the right programs and organizations on campus, our counselors can also help you secure tuition assistance and scholarships.

Maybe attending sports events on campus isn’t your cup of tea, but you could enjoy making time for meaningful volunteering and service opportunities or other social events. Even if you plan on commuting to campus and don’t have a clear idea of how you will be experiencing college life, we can help you get a better vision of all that you can get involved during your time at NDC!

We’d love to help you on your journey!

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