Thrive Learning Center

Meet Our Alumni

Despite various backgrounds and experiences, all Thrive students have one thing in common: the enrichment and empowerment they find here. Check out these stories from our alumni and see how Thrive helped create some of the best years of their life.

One-on-One Tutors

“I love the relationship I had with my tutors because they got to know us one-on-one. They will do anything they can to help.”

–Kayla, 2018 Graduate, Pursuing Master’s in Art Therapy, 2018 Bosche Award Winner recognized for her 3.9 GPA, dedication to academic excellence, and commitment to community service.

Here to Help

“If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask; there are so many people here to help you. If I had not come here, I would not have advanced to where I am today.”

-Tyler, 2017 Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

A Place to Call Home

“[Thrive] has given me a place to call home when I am at school. I live off campus, and in [Thrive], I am able to set up a place to work. The tutors have been my rock.”

-Lauren, 2017 Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Instilling Confidence

“The tutors help me by looking my work over and suggesting corrections, or offering advice. It has made me a more confident student because there is a feeling of support.”

-Gregory, 2017 Graduate, Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist License

Encouraging Success

“The help you get here makes a big difference…everybody really cares about helping students succeed!”

-Courtney, 2017 Graduate, Bachelor in Public Relations

A Valuable Resource

“Everyone at [Thrive] wants to see students succeed, so know that everyone is here to help you.”

-Brandon, 2017 Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Development

Advice to Fellow Students

“Work hard every semester, even if it is an easy semester. That way you can stay in the rhythm so that if you have a difficult semester coming up, you can adapt more easily.”

-Talia, 2017 Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science

Helping Other Thrive Students Succeed

“After graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice/Political Science, I earned a graduate assistantship working with [Thrive]. My goal is to become an FBI Agent and focus on victimology.”

-Madison, 2016 Graduate, completed her Master of Arts in National Security and Intelligence Studies at NDC in May 2018 and is now working for the Akron Police Department.

Always Ask Questions

“Assert yourself and ask questions, stay organized and develop a rapport with professors and faculty.”

-Hannah, 2016 Graduate, Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

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